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The city of Harlingen is home for high-end culinary restaurant ‘t Havenmantsje: An exclusive dining location if you have something to celebrate, or not. Situated in an old monumental court building, Master chef Marco Poldervaart, maître de maison Inez Poldervaart and their team guarantee to give you an unforgettable dining experience in a beautiful environment.

We have agreed to organize a culiniray art event: A sunday afternoon wine tasting at my studio, where beautiful art and wine come together. After that I will assist Marco prepairing an exclusive “arty” diner at the restaurant. (Marco lets me beat the eggs ;-))

Guests are invited to have a look in the kitchen restaurant and a selection of my sculptures will be exhibited throughout the dining room.

Date: February 26th, 16:00h at Studio Ilse Oelbers, Noorderhaven 111, Harlingen

Costs for this special culinary art event are € 150,– p.p., all in.

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