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Legacy of Love

Legacy of love

The sculpture “Legacy of Love” is an ode to humanity in general and woman in perticular. “Lady with Ermine”, the beautiful painting made by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 was my inspiration for this work.

The lady with the ermine was called Cecilia Gallerani. She was the youngest misstress of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza and she lived at court. At the age of 16 Cecilia managed to acquire a strong position at court. She must have been a strong personality in an even more men’s world than today. She loved art and organized Art Salons in which she brought painters, sculptors, poets, philosophers and scientists together.
The Duke ordered Leonardo Da Vinci, who also lived at court at this time, to paint a portrait of his young misstress in 1490. This is the beautiful and famous work of Leonardo which we still cherish today. The ermine which Cecilia holds in her hands in the painting was the symbol for aristocratie and pureness, and could be found in the coat of arms of the Duke.

“Legacy of Love” is about the power of women in perticular and of people in general. It refers to the past and to our contemporary society, in which indifference seem to crush everything. We need power, love and pureness to make a difference. With her somewhat androgyne appearance Cecilia is a reflexion of our current society.

Year: 2021
Material: Bronze
Size: 80 x 115 x 125 cm (on pedestal)
Editions: 5

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6 January 2021